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Finding Peace (Audio Book CD)

Finding Peace (Audio Book CD)
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Finding Peace (Audio Book CD)

You are listening to an excerpt from the Audio Book...

By Diane Pomerance, Ph.D.
Read by the Author

"Not until you have experienced the tragic loss of a pet who has become a member of your family can the true depth of the grieving process be understood. This book is a must-read for anyone going through that process and it authenticates the feeling that it is normal and acceptable to mourn the loss of a pet."

- Bill Atkinson, DVM


"Dr. Pomerance delivers an outstanding piece of work full of deep insight into and illumination of the intricate and powerful connection man has with his loved animal companions. With great sensitivity and compassion, she reminds her readers of the profound and invaluable lessons about life and death we can learn by observing, spending time with, and caring for our animal friends. Finding Peace helps us to cope with and recover from the deep sense of loss and grief we experience when a loved animal companion dies. It also teaches us how to cope with losses of any kind. Readers young and old will deeply appreciate and find comfort and support from this beautiful and inspiring book."

- James Bias, President SPCA of Texas (Dallas)

UPC: 7-3379271252-2

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