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Pet Loss DVD's Section

Pet Loss DVD's Section

Video's that will ease the pain for those of you who have lost a pet and are having a great deal of difficulty dealing with the loss.

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Mary Buddemeyer-Porter has written "Will I See Fido in Heaven", Animals, Immortal Beings and is the composer of the Music CD album "All Creation Praise the Lord", and DVD Music Video "I'll See You in Heaven My Friend". Her books and songs have one outstanding message, that according to the Bible, animals do go to heaven. She has appeared on numerous television shows such as the Fox News Channel, New York, and a Lutheran television show airing from Tennessee as well as radio programs and has been featured in animal magazines such as Dog Fancy and written up in news articles around the United States. She speaks in churches and various animal organizations concerning the immortality of animals. Mary lives near St. Louis, MO.

To Hear More About The Pet Loss video Click Here!

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All Creation Rejoice - Music DVD
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I'll See You In Heaven My Friend - Pet Loss DVD
Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter, Ph.D demonstrates through her extensive research of original Greek and H..

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