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I'll See You In Heaven My Friend - Pet Loss DVD

I'll See You In Heaven My Friend - Pet Loss DVD
Product Code: A Pet Loss Video, 52 min. DVD
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Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter, Ph.D demonstrates through her extensive research of original Greek and Hebrew translations of the Bible and presents commentary from the most noted Christian theologians, that all animals will unquestionably have eternal life.

Dr. Diane Pomerance will take you through the pain and recovery of losing a pet from both the clinical and emotional/spiritual aspects of grieving.

Steve Drown, director and owner of a funeral home and pet cemetery, will share his experiences to help viewers understand the feelings involved in pet loss.

To Hear More About The Pet Loss video Click Here!

In "I'll See You In Heaven My Friend" the 52 minute pet-loss video, Dr. Diane Pomerance takes you through the pain and recovery of losing a pet from both the clinical and emotional/spiritual aspects of grieving. Steve Drown director/owner of both a funeral home for people and a pet cemetery reveals from his vast experience that people often grieve as much or more when losing a pet then when losing a family member. Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter takes you through Scriptures revealing that indeed animals do go to heaven brining everlasting comfort to those who have wondered all their life if God restores creation below man. Mary incorporated commentary and scriptural references from the three Protestant reformers, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley and the late Catholic Pope, Pope John Paul II. These are presented in a most unique and inspirational way. The video ends with the title song "I'll See You In Heaven My Friend" which some say gives them more peace and comfort than anything they have ever experienced.

Dr. Pomerance, PhD, received her Ph.D. in Communications for the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She has been certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist by the internationally recognized Grief Recovery Institute. Dr. Pomerance counsels those grieving from any loss; however, she has a special interest in those mourning the loss of a beloved companion animal. The loss of a pet can be devastating to adults as well as children. She created, established, and serves as director of the Pet Grief Counseling Program for the SPCA of Texas. She is also an active member of K-9 Friend Visiting Therapy Dogs, and the Alaskan Malamute Assistance League. She is frequently interviewed as a highly qualified pet "expert" on national television and radio programs. She has been an online expert for Cat Fancy Magazine and a guest expert on the Montel Williams Show. She is the author of numerous articles and the highly acclaimed children's books, When Your Pet Dies, Animal Companions: Your Friends, Teachers & Guides, Animal Companions In Our Hearts, Our Lives, and Our World. She is also the author of Animal Elders, and Finding Peace After the loss of a loved Animal Companion. Dr. Pomerance lives in North Texas with her husband and many canine "kids."

Steve Drown is the Executive Director of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries. He is a licensed funeral director and a specialist in the pet aftercare industry. He and his father, the late Elvin "Pete" Drown, designed and built Drownwood Forest, a pet cemetery offering cremation, in-ground burial, and an above-ground pet mausoleum. He and his wife, Brenda, have been involved in every aspect of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries since 2000.

Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter, Ph.D has her BA in Music Education and a Masters of Arts in Education from Webster University, St. Louis, MO. She obtained her theological instruction from Missouri Baptist College and Maryville University in St. Louis. She has been a teacher from pre-school through college and has been the producer of two televisions series for children. One series received a Regional Emmy nomination for two songs she had written. Mary is a member of ASCAP, American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, a member of PMA, Publishers Marketing Association, and St. Louis Publishers Association.

Mary, a born again Christian author, has written "Will I See Fido in Heaven", Animals, Immortal Beings and is the composer of the Music CD album "All Creation Praise the Lord', and DVD Music Video "All Creation Praise The Lord Together". Her books and songs have one outstanding message, that according to the Bible animals do go to heaven. She has appeared on numerous television shows such as the Fox News Channel, New York, and the Lutheran television show airing from Tennessee as well as radio programs and has been featured in animal magazines such as Dog Fancy and written up in news articles around the United States and England. She speaks in churches and various animal organizations concerning the immortality of animals. Mary has counseled hundreds of grieving pet loss owners for many years and has worked with various animal associations in giving away hundreds of books and videos, and has donated much time in promoting legislation to advocate the humane treatment of all animals as well as saves the lives of any animal whenever possible.

"Nothing else quite compares. It's truly a gift from God and a video that can and will ease the suffering and pain resulting from the loss of a pet that you've cared for and loved as you would a child, friend or other family member over the years."

These are the comments of professional sources in the United States, Canada and many other parts of the world to describe a new pet-loss video called, "I'll See You In Heaven My Friend" produced and directed by George Wise, Alex Fees, and Mary Buddemeyer-Porter

The project started as a result of George Wise of Wisevideo, LLC who saw the need for such a video after attending the International Association of Pet Cemeteries convention in Tennessee.

The project, started in April of 2005, was completed without any clue that the terrible hurricane, Katrina would leave so many devastated concerning their pets. Those who watched the television coverage had to see pets stranded, many without any hope of being rescued in time.

This unique one-of-a-kind presentation, with such an incredible and comforting message from three experts on the various aspects of pet loss is so timely. Each specialist comes from a different perspective yet each one revealing the pain, recovery and promise of a future time when we will see our pets in heaven. And along with the interviews there is a continual overlay of video of pets and people which makes the presentation even more exciting and meaningful. The song that starts and ends the presentation, "I'll See You in Heaven My Friend" leaves added words and images of comfort.

"Ill See You In Heaven My Friend" pet loss video should be a part of every pet loss grief program. If you question whether you will see your deceased pet in heaven, just watch and listen as Mary presents commentary from prominent theologians and men of God and scriptural evidence that indeed, our pets are waiting for us in heaven.

Jean Meyer
Pet Talk Radio show hostess
Keokuk, Iowa

I'll See You In Heaven My Friend is a comprehensive view of pet loss and human emotion by proving not only anecdotal evidence, but far-reaching theological research, this esteemed team takes the bereaved through the process of coming to terms with the loss of a beloved pet and inspires them with promise and hope for the future. Watching this video is like sitting down for a heart-to-heart talk with friends who understand the intimate connection between people and pets, why this bond is so strong and how it affects your and forever.

Suzanne K. Gassner
Director of Education
The Humane Society of Missouri

I have played the video. Wonderful! You come over so very assured and confident of the meaning of God's word for His creatures and all of creation. Bless your heart, I hope many thousands of people listen to the video and realize for themselves how good and caring God is about all of His creation. How leaders can say they can find no evidence for this in God's word really beats me. So I hope it is listened to and understood. The way you tell it is so uncomplicated.

Pat Kerr
Tetford England

142354The producers have designated $1.00 from all retail sales of each pet-loss vide to go to the support of the IAPC and those they help.


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